The Times of War

The Times of War

Warsaw Uprising
Have you ever wondered why there are so many commemorative plaques on the buildings in Warsaw? Why is the topography of the city center so untamed? Would you like to appreciate better the spirit of the city? The search for the answers to such questions very often leads to the events of the second world war. We will visit the places which will allow you to comprehend what this city and its people went through. It will also be a key to better understanding of Poland today.

I will be thrilled to show you:

Mausoleum of Struggle and Martyrdom (inside visit) - Ujazdowskie Avenue - The Old Town - Ghetto area - Warsaw Uprising Monument

Approximately 4 hours are needed for this tour.
The entrance tickets to the museum should be paid on spot (opening hours need to be confirmed to include it in your tour).
Taxi or public transportation will be needed.

This attraction can be the part of your customised tour:
Customised Tour - Warsaw à la Carte