Warsaw is fascinating. There is no doubt about it. The history marked it deeply. Its past gives you a key to understanding the Polish capital and is a great introduction to the whole country. But it is just a beginning. In the city annihilated during WWII, suppressed during the communism, the life took off with the energy of the avalanche. It became one of the most dynamic addresses on the map of Europe. As a result, it is far from being obvious. Multiple layers overlap, past intermingles with present and with the promise of the future. You will not find the essence of Warsaw in one condensed area. If you really want the city to speak to you, you will need to look beyond the obvious, under the surface.

This is where I come in. Together we will not only discover the most important and inspiring places but I would also like to open your eyes to the hidden meanings and processes, show you the invisible.

Warsaw Castle Square
Warsaw Monument of Unknown Soldier
Warsaw Royal Baths
Warsaw Uprising
Warsaw Old Town
Warsaw statue
Warsaw underground
Warsaw Palace of Culture
Warsaw Royal Castle
Warsaw Ghetto
Warsaw Praga-2
Warsaw Kubicki Arcades